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Mark Lee
United States
My name is Mark Lee and I'm from Arizona. I'm a deaf artist and I comunicate using the American Sign Language, which is not exactly like English. I would like to meet more new friends. And keep in touch with those who have supported my art since 2003.
I love all deaf and hearing impaired furries, giantess and artists.

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hello, I read your comic and i liked, that frog woman was cute, can you do more of picture of them o a new comic a about hers?.
Semir10000 Apr 12, 2014  New member
hello im semir10000 and i love your lost golden staff of the dragon queen comic. i also live ben 10 and i even started my own seris called ben 10 omega force,i have the characters and the ideas,but i would like to show it in a comic know take it step by step.from comic too tv seris,your comic is great so i was thinking maybe you could help me out.

type me back.

lelouch45770 Apr 2, 2014  New member
Hey markie, how are you?
Do you thing you could make a story about giantess amazone crushing people?
Like this for example… or….
Hey Markie, just wondering, is there any way i can view some of your work from around 2009? It's when i first discovered your art, and now i can't find it at all :P
in LD5 had a lot my old gallery.
hey you know what would be interesting? after watching DBZ on youtube and seeing SSJ2 Gohan kick Cell so hard that he slowly pukes out Android 18. 

And i was wondering if it is possible to make a pic where someone like Dragoness Eve or Kali in their usual bikini's or skimpy skirt-and-bra clothing swallows Optimus Prime whole like a snake in one piece and then have him inside either of their bodies, all absorbed (and maybe pre-digested) and unconscious like Android 17/18 were inside Cell's and maybe even slightly change their appearance or form to denote that they swallowed Optimus and absorbed his abillites/power while he's inside of them, and then someone like Voltron (or some other giant mech) goes to save Optimus or some giant robot/mecha they swallowed whole and depict a scene where Voltron seems to be getting the upper hand by punching/kicking/hitting/blasting either Eve or Kali in the stomach so hard that just like Cell, the dragonesses get sick and kneel down with their chests enlarged to borderline cartoony proportions and are holding their breasts/stomach as Optimus is about to be slowly regurgitated and then they lose power reverting back to their former state and that'll be that. 
CaptainCentrifuge Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Always loved your work and hope to see more soon! :3
hey, do you think you could show us how you do such good looking drawings? a video maybe?
Hi Mark LEE

When do the following sides of Golden Staff 69 - 80 come?

We everybody want pointed like it goes on.
I just submit today. 
I hope you will continue the lost golden staff
hope your OK haven't seen a update of golden staff in a LONG time  
I have followed you for a while through both youtube, and DA and I just want to say thank you for taking out time in your day to draw, and uploading them for our enjoyment.
Hey Mark! Been following you on Y-T for awhile. Glad to see you are here on DA also!
I love your illustrations. Great job and awesome detail.
Your video story, "The Deaf Giantess: The New World" was simply amazing!
That one in particular deserves an Academy Award if there was one for your artwork category IMHO.
Thanks again - Cheers!  Kurt :) 

hi love your work

im also subscribe to both your YouTube channels

I'm sorry to hear about your dog.  I know you miss the dog very much.  I hope you feel better soon.
CorruptedDragoon Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
hay big one! i havent heard from you in a while hows the dragoness life going?

 Incredible artwork, Incredible Story so far my man! You are a true inspiration to all of us who have disabilities of our own but rise above them to be successful American stories! you're my hero, and keep up the outstanding work!

P.S. would we see anymore Human/Snake, Human/Dragon, Human/Cat romances in the story?


take care and God bless!

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